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Needham Locksmith in Needham, MA - What You Need To Know About Commercial Safes

If you’re

Once you have a business, you should have a safe. It really goes without saying. You may be wondering why this is so. Well, for every business, regardless of the size or type of business, there will be important things that you need to keep. A commercial safe is not only used to store money. You do not need to be raking in hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars a day in order to need a safe. From the very first day you open your days, you will have important documents or paperwork that you need to keep safe. The best way to keep these things safe is by placing them in one of the safest devices- a safe. We have the right safe for you at Needham Locksmith.

Remember, a safe can protect things from a fire, water and burglary. We would hate to know that you had very important documents just laying around on your desk and a fire caused you to lose it. Yes, sometimes these documents can be replaced by going back to the relevant authorities to get copies etc. However, you could have saved all of that time and money if you had installed a safe that protected them from harm. If you do not have a safe in your commercial property, you need to get one now. Do not wait. There is no time like the present.

Tips for buying a safe

Now that you have realized just how important it is to have a functional safe, here are some things that you should look out for as you select the best safe.

  • Size
    This is a very important feature to consider. If you have large items to store, it does not make sense for you to get a small safe. sometimes you may think that you do not need a large safe but in the near future you realize that you have more items than you had previously thought. Before you decide on the size of safe to get, ensure that you think about the long term. How do you expect your business to grow? What items do you think you may need to store in the safe in a year or two? Will a small safe be enough for then and now? What items do I need to store in the safe? How many of them are there? How large are they?

    These are just some of the questions that you will need to answer before you make that final decision. We do not want you to have to replace your safe in a short time because you did not think futuristically. Think very carefully about the size you will need.
  • Type of safe

    Not every safe comes with a fireproof and waterproof rating. Some safes are just meant to store things for the purpose of reducing general accessibility. Decide on whether you want a safe that can protect against fire and water. A safe that has a fireproof and waterproof feature are much safer than one that lacks these features. However, you will have to pay a bit extra to get these features. Determine how important these features are to you and your business and whether it is worth the investment.

  • Location
    You should not just put a safe in a random location. The location of your safe should be carefully thought out. It is advised that you should not place a safe in an area where humidity is high. This may cause damage to the materials that are used to make the safe. Damage to the materials may end up compromising on its effectiveness.

    Make sure that you are placing the safe in an inconspicuous location. You do not want to be drawing attention to it. Also, think about the materials that the building is made of to determine whether you want a floor safe, wall safe etc.
  • Legal standards
    Some business have legal standards concerning the type of safe that they should have on the property. Check to ensure that you comply with any regulations that apply to the type of business that you own. We want to make sure that you do not end up regretting the purchase that you make.
  • Level of security and insurance coverage
    Did you know that your insurance coverage can be affected by the presence of a safe. Yes, it can. You are usually able to receive better coverage and sometimes even better rates when you have a safe installed. You may want to speak with your insurance company about this since it can affect the type and cost of your coverage.
  • Type of lock
    There are different types of locks that are used on safes. Although they are all effective, some persons may prefer to use a particular type of lock rather than another. There are mainly 2 types of locks found on commercial safes.
      - Combination lock: this is what you commonly see in the movies and many persons expect their safe to have this type of lock. You have to open the safe with a particular series of numbers or it will remain closed. This type of lock obviously does not require a key. If you forget the combination, you may have to get the safe reprogrammed.
      - Double-bit security lock: you do not need to remember a code for this safe. All you need to have is the key. The type of key used for this type of safe does not look like a ‘normal’ key. As such, it is a bit difficult to place it on a key ring. You have to be very careful of where you keep this key and who has access to it. But, if you do not like to remember codes, this may be the perfect option for you.

Once you have determined all these things, it is time to make your purchase. Come on over to our talk with us in Needham, GA and let us show you the safes that we think will work for you!

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