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Why deadbolts are for homeowners

If you are a homeowner here in Needham, MA pay close attention to this; it may just make a difference in your home security and protection! Our community is small but relatively safe. Our Needham Locksmith professionals want to keep it that way and one of the smartest and most affordable methods of doing just that is to have a deadbolt lock added to your front door. Deadbolts are unimpressive to look at and offer little in the way of flashy appearance or show. What they do offer is enhanced security when used correctly. Deadbolts are affordable, strongly built and look just as good on mansion doors as they do on condos.

Do you like value?

If value is important to you, you’ll appreciate the simple deadbolt lock. While not as flashy or outwardly impressive as high security locks or retina scanners, deadbolts offer real value and money savings in return for enhances protection for your home and loved ones. You could easily spend a lot more money but why would you want to when a correctly installed, strong deadbolt can do so much? The fact that they are so common is one of their advantages, crooks often discount their effectiveness due to their widespread installations. They key to good deadbolt protection is to not only have them but to use them! The best locks in the world will do no good if they are not used.

What a deadbolt is

You might or might not know what a deadbolt lock is so it’s best to define them. These locks are installed in front, back or interior doors. They have a steel bolt that plunges into the wall’s door jamb and strike plate of the door frame whenever the deadbolt’s knob is turned. The knob of the lock is on the inside and on the outside is the key slot. These locks are simple but that’s where their effectiveness comes into play. When your deadbolt is locked and attached correctly, the door attached to it cannot be kicked in like you so often see on television and the movies. The vast majority of burglaries and home invasions happen when forced-entry methods are applied. Don’t make it easy for them; install and use your deadbolt lock!

Seconds count during a home intrusion

Let’s say your garden-variety burglar is trying to get into your home. He may or may not know if you are home. The main door lock has been picked and now the crook is faced with a locked deadbolt that is barring his way. What are his options at this point? Does he give up and move on to easier points of entry or continue by trying to now pick your deadbolt lock open? Whether you are home or not, he runs the risk of you or a neighbor calling police if he stays. He could also trigger an alarm that could alert the whole neighborhood if he continues. What if you are indeed home and he continues trying to bypass your deadbolt? You could be arming yourself in the process and he could be facing an angry and frightened homeowner with at gunpoint once he gets past your deadbolt. At this point, the crook has a decision to make; is picking your deadbolt lock really worth it? Most times, history has proven the answer to be NO!

Pros and cons to everything

There are good and bad points to everything; including deadbolts. The best deadbolt locks are good to no one if they are not used. A strong deadbolt, correctly installed is worthless if it is not locked at the time when it is needed. Get in the habit of locking your doors when at home and when not. Your deadbolt needs to be locked especially at night, even if your alarm is activated. Poorly installed locks or cheaply constructed locks can also be problem. If the burglar simply pries the lock off or smashes it to the point of uselessness, then what’s the point of having it? Buy quality locks and locking hardware and have them installed correctly. Using the right locksmith can help with this, and you can find a great shop of technicians that are licensed, bonded and insured and also affordable by simply making a few calls.

Where to buy your deadbolt

You can purchase a sturdy deadbolt lock most anywhere. Home improvement stores, hardware stores and even some discount department stores like Target and Wal-Mart sell them. If you are handy around the house and feel comfortable installing your own lock, by all means do so. You can also buy online through various sources by using keywords in your browser’s search bar like “buy deadbolts online.” You can watch any number of online videos that show step by step how to install your new deadbolt lock. Bear in mind that store clerks are not good for getting your buying questions answered. If you want answers to specialized questions, you’ll have to do your own research or call a locksmith.

Your best bet!

We recommend calling a full service locksmith shop for all of your deadbolt needs including selection, purchase, installation and service. Locksmith prices can vary from very affordable to pricey so do shop around but don’t be tempted to pay less for poor quality locks and service. Your locksmith of choice should use quality hardware brands like Kwikset, Master, Baldwin, Schlage, Medeco or others of similar repute. Using the right locksmith shop can be your one-stop method for getting your deadbolt or any other needed lock installed and/or serviced. You can get all of your questions answered by real industry professionals and also be able to use your locksmiths for any future installations, repairs or lock additions to your home, auto or business. Remember; get a good deadbolt lock, have it installed correctly, and use it whenever you are home. Take your locks and your home security seriously because someday you may need to rely on them for your protection!